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The Welding procedures of Electrofusion Machine and Butt Fusion Machine for PE pipes

The Welding procedures of Electrofusion Machine and Butt Fusion Machine for PE pipes

Aug 12,2022
The Welding procedures of Electrofusion Machine and Butt Fusion Machine for PE pipes

There are numerous joining techniques and processes for polyethylene (PE) pipes. We at Welping manufacture controllers and machines that support electrofusion and butt welding.

Both processes require special equipment and machines to successfully join two pipes together. The basic difference between the electrofusion welding process and the butt welding technique is that electrofusion welding uses fittings (couplers / saddles) which become an integral part of the PE pipe after successful welding. No additional fittings are required for the butt welding technique. Here the pipes are connected directly to each other.

Electrofusion Welding

In electrofusion welding, a coupler (electrofusion fitting) is placed over the joint at the peeled and cleaned joint of two pipe ends.

The electrofusion control unit energizes the heating coil integrated in the electrofusion coupler. This heats up the plastic in the welding zone to such an extent that it melts.

At the end of the material and product-specific welding time, the welding zone cools down again below the melting point of the plastic. The fitting and the pipe parts are inseparably fused together and form a gas-tight connection.

Welping Electrofusion Machine
Welping Electrofusion Welder
Welping Electrofusion welding machine
Butt Fusion Machine 
The butt fusion technique does not require additional couplers. The two pipes to be joined together are cut to length before the welding and clamped in the basic machine without stress or misalignment. The pipe faces are then planed parallel to each other. Then both pipe ends are simultaneously brought into contact with a heating element which transfers heat energy to the pipe faces.

After an adaptation time, the almost pressureless heating time follows. Once both pipe faces are in a thermoplastic state, the heating element is removed and the pipe ends are brought together quickly but carefully. The joint remains under pressure until the temperature in the welding zone has fallen below the melting point of the plastic. The result is a pressure-resistant and gas-tight joint.
Welping Butt Fusion Machine
Welping HDPE Pipe Welding Machine
Welping HDPE Pipe Butt Welding Machine

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