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Core technology manufacturing, customized design and strict quality control are one of the advantages of our value chain, which benefits our customers, because we can combine our core technologies in advanced manufacturing equipment and automation equipment to achieve the best results.
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Butt Fusion Machine Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

With an experienced team and a complete process Once customer need make some OEM works we can quickly transform customers' great ideas into effective solutions and put them into production, so that customers can quickly get the OEM products they want.
Parts process making and pricing
Parts process making and pricing

Parts process making and pricing

With High-precision Five axis CNC machining center machine tool which already used to process various high-precision tool parts, such as wrench titanium alloy shell, reaction arm, rotary connector, etc. with our technical group,they will assist you determine how great to realize your visio.

Butt Fusion Machine ODM Design
Butt Fusion Machine ODM Design

ODM Design

Our R&D team will help to design according from our customer’s desire like the appearance and function .We genuinely care about your success. Our work isn't done until you and your partner are ecstatic.

Sample confirmation
Sample confirmation

Sample confirmation

After rigorous checking out to make certain that we’ve created the appropriate solution for you, We will post or ship the sample to you after approved testing. After your confirmation and our modification to achieve the most perfect state, then mass production

Welping Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Butt Fusion Machine Advanced Technology
  • High-precision three-dimensional design. high efficiency, can avoid collision problems in the design stage. 3D design can also eliminate unnecessary waste and better meet the requirements of quality control
  • Professionals arrange the typesetting of the order. Save at least 10% cost of raw material.
  • Select 6mm thick steel plate,laser cutting sheet metal,high precision:Positioning accuracy at 0.05mm,repeat positioning accuracy at 0.02mm,cutting seam width at 0.10-0.20ram. Can save sheet metal effectively。The cutting surface of laser cutting is smooth, and the cutting speed is fast, which can reach 10m/min.No deformation, no damage.
  • High-precision CNC bending product components, Fast processing speed and high accuracy dimension.
  • High-precision Die Casting together with CNC machining, guaranteed the consistency of parts processing every time, Ensure product quality stable. On the basis of ensuring product precision, the productivity is greatly improved by 5-10 times

Welping Factory Equipment

Factory Equipment

Welping consolidates critical production procedures into self-management,like die casting, laser cutting, metal fabrication, CNC machining, powder coating etc., which greatly keep the quality stable. Welping in-house quality management system ensures that the machine can avoid potential defects before it is delivered to the customer.
12000W Laser Cutting Equipment

12000W Laser Cutting Equipment

The laser cutting equipment is used for cutting workpieces which ensure the higher precision.

With its high processing accuracy, good repeatability, and no damage to the material surface, the production time is greatly shorten,and the raw materials are saved a lot.

1200 Ton Die-Casting Equipment

1200 Ton Die-Casting Equipment

Good casting performance, low melting point; good fluidity; small shrinkage, only 0.5-1.0%Good cutting performance and good chip breaking performance.

High wear and abrasion resistance, excellent vibration damping and low notch sensitivityMechanical properties such as tensile strength, plasticity, and toughness are low.

Metal Welding Fabrication Equipment

Metal Welding Fabrication Equipment

We can complete the entire manufacturing process with in-house resources, saving you money and reducing lead times for a more efficient metal fabrication solution.

Our highly trained and experienced manufacturing professionals will work with you to create a product that matches your specifications and exceeds your expectations.

CNC Machining

CNC Machining

CNC equipments are mainly for machine body and spare parts processing,such as facer,heating plate,etc.

Workers today use their machining skills in a clean, professional setting with advanced and cutting-edge technology.

Customization Service

Customization Service

Welping customize service for our customers.

We will take into account the custom equipment applications, the materials that need to be welded,what target to be achieved,and what color does client prefer.

Customization Service

Customization Service

Heat treating is a group of industrial, thermal and metalworking processes used to alter the physical, and sometimes chemical, properties of a material. Our equipment helps us supply parts with higher precision, and improve quality.

Welping Quality Control

Quality Control

Welping consolidates critical production procedures into self-management,like die casting, laser cutting, metal fabrication, CNC machining, powder coating etc., which greatly keep the quality stable. Welping in-house quality management system ensures that the machine can avoid potential defects before it is delivered to the customer.
Define quality standards

Define quality standards

How many defects are allowed, which steps in the supervision process are optimized, the goal is achieved, and the cost and time in the implementation process are reduced.

Precision inspection equipment

Precision inspection equipment

The inspector will use the inspection equipment and meticulously test product parts and conducts a wide range of product tests to ensure that customers get qualified and stable products.

Upgrade the equipment

Upgrade the equipment

Upgrade production equipment to improve quality. This does not mean buying the latest computer enhancement equipment, we may only need to replace the outdated equipment that often damage or produce defective products.

Formulate a response plan

Formulate a response plan

In addition to knowing how to find quality errors, the response plan is also needed.

Create a "Quality Supervisor" position. When the quality of the product is defective, the quality supervisor solves the problem and conducts a 100% inspection.

Staff Training

Staff Training

Provide regular training for employees to ensure the quality of the whole process.

At the same time, quality supervisors and quality operators can directly view the whole process, observe abnormal signs and propose ideas for improving efficiency and quality control.

Keep the workshop clean

Keep the workshop clean

Provide employees with a safe working environment, provide workshop maintenance, and ensure that the facilities are cleaned to maintain the smooth and efficient operation of the matter. The method of "use" is a good way to ensure that employees keep the workshop in the best state. Clean up the expectations and unexpected chaos immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the circuit connection of the 380V butt welding machine correct, how can it be determined?

    Is the circuit connection of the 380V butt welding machine correct, how can it be determined?

    Recently, a customer inquired about our WP630A butt welding machine, where the heating plate temperature stops rising after reaching 180°C. What could be the reason?


    In such a situation, the first step is to check if the circuit connection is proper. The following video demonstrates the use of a clamp ammeter for this purpose.

    Note: If you are unfamiliar with circuits and current measurement, please consult us. Our company has professional electricians and technical personnel who can provide guidance.

  • What types of plastics are suitable for butt welding machines

    Butt welding machines are suitable for most thermoplastic materials, which soften when heated and solidify when cooled. 

    The following are commonly used types of plastics suitable for hot melt welding:

    Polyethylene (PE): Polyethylene is a common thermoplastic material used extensively in the manufacturing of plastic bags, bottles, containers, and pipes.


    Polypropylene (PP): Polypropylene is another widely used thermoplastic material suitable for automotive components, electronic devices, medical instruments, and more.


    Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): PVC exhibits excellent chemical resistance and heat resistance, making it applicable in construction, wire and cable, pipe manufacturing, and other industries.


    Polystyrene (PS): Polystyrene is commonly used in packaging, insulation cups, household appliance casings, and other manufacturing applications.


    Polycarbonate (PC): Polycarbonate offers outstanding impact resistance and transparency, making it popular in the electronics, optical, and medical fields. 

     Which plastics are not suitable for hot melt welding?

    Butt fusion welding is not suitable for thermosetting plastics, as these materials undergo irreversible curing after being heated and cannot be softened again. Common examples of thermosetting plastics include epoxy resins, phenolic resins, and unsaturated polyesters. Since thermosetting plastics cannot be re-softened, they cannot be joined using the hot melt welding method.

  • How to fusion butt welding short PE pipes and fittings?

    The professional construction team will make use of steel flanges to assist.

    The steel flange plate is used as a tool to hold and align short pipes and pipe fitting during the hot melt butt welding process.

    Its function is to provide a stable and secure connection during hot fusion butt welding of pipes, ensuring they are properly aligned and held in place during welding.

    This helps to prevent any misalignment or movement of the pipe, which could result in a less-than-robust weld. or even a failure of the hot fusion butt welder.

    The advantages of using a steel flange plate include its durability and strength, which allows it to withstand the high temperatures and pressures involved in the welding process.

    Very easy to use, with screw locking for quick and easy installation and removal. Additionally, the flange plate can be reused multiple times, making it a cost-effective solution for welding short pipes and pipe fitting.

  • How can I know your news for new products in future?

    Please collect our company website: www.welpingtool.com

    Once we have news for our products or for anything of our factory, we will show them to the website for your reference.

     You may also follow our Youtube page WELPING Machinery , or our sales representative will show you our new products by e-mail as well.

  • Can i buy extra spare parts if the machine broken?

    Yes,we supply spare parts for machines,and technical teaching video for repair

  • Should I buy insurance for goods with sea shipping?

    Yes , of course !

    We suggest our customer to insure the goods to avoid any loss in transportation.

  • Are you the manufacturer or trading company of plastic pipe welding machine?

    Welping is an integral company with both factory and trading authority.

    Meanwhile, we have customers cooperated for tens of years so we always do purchasing for them.

    So we have some good suppliers for some other machines and tools which the quality has been confirmed by our regular customers.

    Welcome to get your orders or sourcing requests.

  • Can I get a free sample?

    Welping can provide sample for evaluation and testing,but it will be charged ,and it is not for free.

    According to our company policy, we will charge the sample fee first and refund the cost in later firm orders, which means that you will get the sample for free in future order

    Any questions,please contact our sales team via email or Whatsapp as below:

    Email: top@welping.cn

    Whatappp: 0086-13185061581(Mr.Pan)

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