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36inch Heavy Duty Pipe Jack Stand for Weight loading tested to 2,265kg / 5,000lbs Per Stand

36inch Heavy Duty Pipe Jack Stand for Weight loading tested to 2,265kg / 5,000lbs Per Stand

Aug 18,2022
36inch Heavy Duty Pipe Jack Stand for Weight loading tested to 2,265kg / 5,000lbs Per Stand
Welping 36inch Pipe Jack Stand
Loading Pipe Capacity: 4 inch to 36 inch
Firstly we get the sample to take the ranges .use the unpainted one,put the 36 inch pipes on the stand ,there still have more place can put bigger pipes like 4 inch
Welping Large Diameter pipe stand
Weight Loading Capacity
Secondly we need test the load capacity without wheels and casters, but we forget to remove the wheels,thats ok ,lets move on. Use the testing machine adjust pressure on 5000lbs ,achieve it .
Welping V Head pipe stand
Weight Loading Test for Pipe Jack Stand

Max Loading Weight Capacity with Rollers and Casters: 2500lbs/1134kg 

Max Loading Weight Capacity without Rollers and Casters: 5000lbs/2268kg 

After testing we had painted the machine .much more better .
V head pipe stand
V head pipe stand with casters
● Pipe Jack Stand with roller bracket are available in varying configurations with capacity up to 36″. 
● H405 Pipe Jack Stand with outward roller is easy to move. 
● H405 Pipe Jack Stand height is adjustable. 
● The material of support frame is solid and durable, impact resistant. 
● Double Handle is adjustable. 4 wheels is lockable. for easy carrying and setup. 
● Suitable for use with threading machine, roll grooving machine, etc. 

Catalog No.

Model No.


Pipe clamping range

Maximum load Bearing with Wheels

Height adjustable with casters

Maximum load Bearing without Wheeland caters

Height adjustable without casters

Weight (kg)



Pipe jack stand

Up to 40″

2,500 lbs(1134 kgs)


5,000 lbs

(2268 kgs)


We have pipe stands family can meet your different working Scenes.you can contact us.
Welping Pipe Stand

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