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Top Screw Bench Chain Vise 1/8"-6"

Top Screw Bench Chain Vise 1/8"-6"

Top Screw Bench Chain Vise 1/8"-6"
Top Screw Bench Chain Vise 1/8"-6"Top Screw Bench Chain Vise 1/8"-6"Top Screw Bench Chain Vise 1/8"-6"Top Screw Bench Chain Vise 1/8"-6"Top Screw Bench Chain Vise 1/8"-6"
Bench Chain Vise features a rugged cast-iron base with a handy pipe rest and bender and has a capacity of 1/8" through 6"
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bench chain vise
Bench Chain Vise
The bench chain vise is perfect for securely holding pipes without scoring the surface. It is designed with a crank handle for tightening the chain. 
It is constructed with a rugged cast-iron base for exceptional durability and stability. 
Pipe Capacity: 1/8inch to 6 inches.

 * Heavy duty cast Iron body
 * Top Side Mounted Screw
 * Pipe capacity: 1/8 inch to 6 inch pipe
 * Crank handle is anchored to base
 * Rugged cast-iron base has handy pipe rest and bender
 * Ideal when working with larger pipe and handling other bulkier material
 * Stronger leg chain: Heavier duty chain offers rugged durability for extended life and transport convenience
 * Toothless jaws are neoprene-coated to prevent scoring of pipe
 * Replaceable Jaw • Removeable Bending Dies
 * Bench Chain Pipe vise weighs 6kgs
Chain Vise
bench vise
Chain vise for 6inch pipe
top screw bench vise
pipe chain vise
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Plate Thickness
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Tough & Durable Chain
The pipe vise stand is designed with a tough steel chain to fix and lock the pipe tightly for efficient and safe use.
Ergonomic Crank Handle
The crank handle is firmly anchored on the base for you to adjust the pressure and tighten the chain, convenient to use.

portable chain vise
1/8"-6" Chain vise
Cast Iron Base & Jaws
Built by cast iron, the chain pipe vise is solid and hard. The neoprene coated jaws are grooved for enhanced grip, not scoring pipe surface.

Easy Assembly
You can easily mount the bench chain vise to a workbench, truck, or a tripod stand with three mounting holes
durable chain pipe vise
Welping E-Catalog of Bench Chain Vise
Operational Manual of Bench Chain Vise
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