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Butt Welding machine Selection Guide: Models, Size Charts、Brands

Butt Welding machine Selection Guide: Models, Size Charts、Brands

May 14,2024
A butt fusion machine is a device used for joining thermoplastic pipes and fittings. The pipes and fittings to be welded are secured in the machine's clamps, aligning their ends. Then, a heating plate is used to heat the pipe ends until their surfaces melt. After heating, the plate is quickly removed, and the pipe ends are pressed together with a certain amount of pressure to fuse them. The pressure is maintained while the joint cools and solidifies, forming a strong weld.
What are the butt welding machine models
The classification of butt fusion machines is generally based on several key factors:

1. Pipe Diameter Range
Butt fusion machines are categorized according to the range of pipe diameters they can weld. This is an important criterion for selecting the appropriate equipment, as it determines the sizes of pipes the machine can handle.

Small Butt Fusion Machines: Suitable for small diameter pipes, such as those ranging from 20mm to 160mm.
Medium Butt Fusion Machines: Suitable for medium diameter pipes, such as those ranging from 160mm to 315mm.
Large Butt Fusion Machines: Suitable for large diameter pipes, such as those ranging from 315mm to 1200mm and above.
2. Operation Mode
Butt fusion machines are divided into manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic based on their operation mode.

Manual Butt Fusion Machines: Simple to operate, suitable for small-scale projects and repair work.
Semi-Automatic Butt Fusion Machines: Higher degree of automation, suitable for medium-scale projects.
Fully Automatic Butt Fusion Machines: Highly automated, suitable for large-scale projects and those requiring high precision.
5. Brands and Models
Different brands of butt fusion machines have various models, typically named based on their functionality, pipe diameter range, and level of automation.
Examples include McElroy's TracStar series, Acrobat series, etc.  Welping's WP-A、WP-B series.



Welding range

Power supply



40-50)-63-75-90-110-125-140-160 (mm)

220V, 50Hz



63-75-90-110-125-140-160-180-200 (mm)

220V, 50Hz



(63-75)-90-110-125-140-160-180-200-225-250 (mm)

220V, 50Hz



90-110-125-140-160-180-200-225-250-280-315 (mm)

220V, 50Hz



(90-110-125)-160-180-200-225-250-280-315-355 (mm)

220V/380V, 50Hz



180-200-225-250-280-315-355-400 (mm)

380V, 50Hz



(180)-200-225-250-280-315-355-400-450 (mm)

380V, 50Hz



(180-200-225)-250-280-315-355-400-450-500 (mm)

380V, 50Hz



315-355-400-450-500-560-630 (mm)

380V, 50Hz



(450-500-560)-630-710-800 (mm)

380V, 50Hz



(560-630-710)- 800-900-1000(mm)

380V, 50Hz



(630-710-800-900)-1000-1100-1200 (mm)

380V, 50Hz




380V, 50Hz



(1000)-1200-1400-1600 (mm)

380V, 50Hz




380V, 50Hz

Sizes those are in (**) are optional

Global Butt Welding Machine Factory Ranking
1. McElroy
McElroy is a market leader in butt fusion machines, offering a wide range of welding equipment such as the TracStar iSeries and Acrobat series. Their machines are known for their durability, ease of use, and advanced features like the DataLogger® functionality for recording fusion joint data​​ (HDPE Pipe & Fittings)​.

2. GF Piping Systems
GF Piping Systems offers various butt fusion machines, including portable and fully automated systems. Their equipment is praised for high precision, efficiency, and robust construction. The MC 110 portable butt fusion machine is one of their notable products, known for its versatility and user-friendliness​​ (HDPE Pipe & Fittings)​.

3. Ritmo
Ritmo provides a series of butt fusion machines suitable for different pipe materials and sizes. Their machines are renowned for high performance, reliability, and the ability to handle various welding tasks, making them suitable for large industrial projects and smaller specialized applications​​ (HDPE Pipe & Fittings)​.

4. Connectra
Connectra butt fusion machines are known for their efficiency and reliability, highly favored by contractors and industrial users. They offer multiple models suitable for different pipe sizes and job requirements, ensuring a wide range of welding needs​​ (HDPE Pipe & Fittings)​.

5. Fusion Group
Fusion Group focuses on providing high-quality plastic pipe connection solutions. Their butt fusion machines are recognized for their efficiency, reliability, and compliance with international standards, making them the preferred choice for many large-scale projects.

6. Rothenberger
Rothenberger is a globally renowned manufacturer of pipe tools and equipment. Their butt fusion machines are highly efficient, durable, and user-friendly, making them widely recognized for various pipe installation and maintenance tasks.

7. Widos
Widos, a German company, offers high-quality welding equipment. Their butt fusion machines are known for innovative design, precise welding, and longevity, suitable for a wide range of applications.

8. Welping
Welping is a professional Chinese manufacturer of butt fusion machines, established in 2005. Their machines cater to pipe sizes ranging from 160mm to 3000mm, with custom OEM/ODM services available to meet diverse needs.

9. Munsch
Munsch is renowned for producing high-performance welding equipment, especially in the chemical and construction industries. Their butt fusion machines excel in durability and ease of operation.

10. Leister
Leister offers a variety of welding equipment and is particularly esteemed in the plastic welding field. Their butt fusion machines are known for high quality and reliability, widely used in various industrial projects.

Choosing the right brand of butt fusion machine requires considering factors such as project scale, machine functionality, support services, and durability. The brands mentioned above are renowned globally and offer a diverse range of equipment to meet the needs of various applications. By visiting the brands' official websites or contacting authorized distributors, you can obtain more detailed information and the latest models to make a more informed decision.

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