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Butt Fusion Welding Working Sites on Maldives

Butt Fusion Welding Working Sites on Maldives

Aug 9,2022
Butt Fusion Welding Working Sites on Maldives
250mm Hydraulic Butt Fusion Machine on Worksite
250mm Hydraulic Butt Fusion Machine
Manual Plastic Pipe Jointing Machine
Manual pipe butt fusion machine
Our customer from Maldives first contact with us on alibaba ,and we had checked for 3 times ,finally they take 2 models from us ,one is manual hand rotary one and hydraulic one . Compare to the normal type ,ours with full gear transmission device can save labors. 
Welping 160mm manual butt fusion machine
Welping 200mm Trimmer for  Pipe Jointing Machine
Hydraulic one customer also very satisfy,they said the closed station very suitable for the beach,once got windy ,will kick up the dust,and the closed station perfect avoid the sand come into the motor.
Welping Hydraulic Butt Fusion Machine

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