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Plastic Extrusion Machines

Plastic Extrusion Machines
Plastic Extrusion Machines

WELDY Plastic Extrusion welder booster

The hand-held extrusion welder booster from Weldy is well-suited for plastic welding in tank and container construction. A variety of models with different output volumes are available. The compact design extrusion welder packed in toolbox is easy to transport. Its multi-position, mountable handle makes the booster extremely ergonomic. The Weldy booster weld the common polyolefins or thermoplastics PE and PP. no matter plastic containers or pipes. Learn More About Us
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Related Industry

Related Industry

The compact, hand-held extrusion welder, booster EX2, from Weldy is well-suited for plastic welding in tank and container construction.
hand-held extrusion welder

Plastic Fabrication

Plastic extrusion is a process that allows us to mold different products. This is one of the basic processes in the production of plastics. By means of plastic extrusion, water, air, gas and other liquid tanks can be formed. This solves possible leaks in the tanks. 

plastic extrusion welder

Civil Engineering

Plastic extrusion is a process that allows us to mold different products. This is one of the basic processes in the production of plastics. It is also possible to weld films together with extrusion in geo engineering. In view of this, the hand-extruder booster as well as welding with the hand-tools from WELDY offer a great number of applications in the construction industry.

Plastic extrusion


In recent years, the vinyl has been more in demand than ever in the field of flooring. This is due to the fact that the durability and versatility of the vinyl floors provide many advantages. Doubtless, vinyl represents an attractive opportunity for the decoration of the apartment. A significant advantage is that the installation of vinyl floors is quite simple. These floors can be laid directly on the old ground surface so that a radical change is not necessary.

Weldy extrusion welder


The WELDY hot air welder features an easy handling and is designed to efficiently weld and seal small roofs.

Plastic extrusion

Tarpaulins & Banners

Tarpaulins and Banners can be carried out practically daily in everyday life: from protective cover for swimming pools and vehicles, through shielding goods to be transported on trucks, to advertising banners and posters. The Welding machines of the WELDY foiler line were evaluated as a precise tool in the production and maintenance of cover tarpaulins and advertising banners to ensure effective and lasting welding.

Plastic extrusion

Trade People

Whether you will welding plastic pipes, tinning metal surfaces, removing labels, eliminating sealant or filler, preventing fraying of cords or removing paint on wood. With WELDY Hot Air Gun, this becomes so easy: gluing, coating and sealing plastic materials quickly, cheaply and effectively within seconds. The hand-held hair dryer can also be used with a cold temperature, in order to, for example, dry up, wax in, or defrost water pipes.

Plastic Extrusion Machines Manufacturer

Plastic Extrusion Machines Manufacturer

What is a plastic extrusion welder?

Extrusion welding is a manufacturing approach used to enroll in thermoplastic and composite substances. It is predicated on using a specialized welding device to warmness and melt plastic filler cloth and warmth the bottom fabric to prepare it for welding. The molten filler fabric is then extruded onto the heated base fabric.

What type of welding is used for plastic?

Plastic material have many types, usually (PE,HDPE, PP, PB, PVDF pipes )can use butt fusion joint together.

(PE.PP pipes) can use electrofusion welder and working with pipe fittings.

(PE.PP plate and sheet ) can work with WELPING Extrusion welder .

Is plastic welding hard?

As said, plastic welding can be very sturdy and strong if accomplished efficiently, however plenty of things will have an effect on its sturdiness, from material to the experience of the welder. Bad or incorrect welding procedure is regularly to blame for a drop-in durability expectations.

How do you use an extrusion welder?

Extrusion welding is one of the processes used to weld thermoplastics and composites