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Socket Fusion Tools

Socket Fusion Tools
Socket Fusion Tools

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Socket fusion welding is a extensively used method for assembling plastics piping structures using injection moulded fittings. The welding cycle basically such as a heating section and a cooling/welding section.Relying on the size of pipe, socket fusion welding can both be completed by hand or executed on a operated by hand machine.Welping socket fusion kits are ideal for putting in fittings for pipe diameters from 20mm to 160mm. A particular-designed toolbox Contains all the components to successfully and efficiently complete your socket fusion job. Learn More About Us
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Related Industry

Related Industry

These socket fusion machines are suitable for industrial applications, gas/water distribution systems and building technology. And socket fusion welder can be used to weld pipes like PPR,PB,PE,PV,plastic and other materials. Suitable for home use, repair shop and construction site.
PPR socket fusion kit

Sewage Disposal

PPR socket fusion kit

Irrigation Projects

PPR socket fusion kit

Gas Construction Projects

Socket Fusion Tools Manufacturer

Socket Fusion Tools Manufacturer

What is socket fusion fittings?

Socket Fusion Fittings is an enterprise reference for PPR plastic fittings used to permanently be part of or extra segments of PPR pipe via a system called warmth fusion or socket fusion welding.

What is socket fusion welding?

Socket fusion welding is a broadly used approach for assembling plastics piping systems the usage of injection moulded fittings. Operating standards are trustworthy, the welding cycle basically inclusive of a heating phase and a cooling/welding segment.

What temperatures are required for a successful socket fusion weld?

For PPR pipes Socket fusion temperatures should be 270 to 280 ℃. in cold weather the setting temperature can be a little higher.

Can you weld HDPE to PVC?

HDPE and PVC are two different kinds of material.HDPE pipes are usually jointed by butt welding or electrofusion welding, while PVC pipes are usually glued together.

Socket Fusion Heating/Cooling Times - Fused To HDPE

Socket Fusion Heating/Cooling Times - Fused To HDPE

*IPS stands for "Iron Pipe Size" which is a steel pipe sizing standard that has been in existence for years. *CTS stands for "Copper Tube Size" which is the copper tubing sizing standard in the United States.
Pipe Size Heating Time Cooling Time
1/2” CTS 8-10 sec 30 sec
3/4” CTS 10-12 sec 30 sec
1” CTS 12-14 sec 30 sec
½” IPS 8-10 sec 30 sec
¾” IPS 12-14 sec 30 sec
1” IPS 14-16 sec 30 sec
1-1/4” IPS 18-20 sec 60 sec
1-1/2” IPS 18-20 sec 60 sec
2” IPS 20-26 sec 60 sec
3” IPS 25-30 sec 75 sec
4” IPS 30-35 sec 75 sec