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HDPE pipe Butt Fusion Welder for welding polyethylene pipes

HDPE pipe Butt Fusion Welder for welding polyethylene pipes

HDPE pipe Butt Fusion Welder for welding polyethylene pipes
HDPE pipe Butt Fusion Welder for welding polyethylene pipesHDPE pipe Butt Fusion Welder for welding polyethylene pipesHDPE pipe Butt Fusion Welder for welding polyethylene pipesHDPE pipe Butt Fusion Welder for welding polyethylene pipesHDPE pipe Butt Fusion Welder for welding polyethylene pipes
It is a versatile machine designed for butt fusion of 90mm to 315mm pipe and fittings, with durability and reliability.
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7-15 days once order confirmed
Terms of Payment
T/T, Western Union, Paypal,X Transfer
FOB Port
Shanghai, Ningbo
1 Set
Business type
Plastic pipe welding machines manufacturer
Detail Information
160/355mm Hydraulic Butt Fusion Welding Machine for PE Pipes
Welping WP160A hydraulic butt fusion machine
The WP355B HDPE pipe Butt Fusion Welder is a versatile machine capable of butt fusing pipe and fittings with a variety of pressure ratings. With its small footprint and light weight, it can be carried from joint to joint yet has the same rugged durability and long-lasting performance expected of any Welping butt fusion machine.

The WP355B plastic pipe butt welding machine is a mechanical butt fusion welder for joining various types of plastic pipe including HDPE,PP,PB and PVDF.

The Butt Fusion Machine is designed to butt fuse pipe sizes 160mm to 355mm. It is easy to operate and incorporates a state-of-the-art heating plate, 4 jaws machine body, electric facer, and storage stand.


※ Robust structure of carriage part with streamline outlook ※ Swivel handle with gear transmission of extremely smooth operating structure ※ Durable copper wiring motor, HSS blade, PTFE coating from Dupont or Daikin
Main Frame
1 Set
Heating Plate  
1 Set
1 Set
1 Set
Tool Box
1 Set
200mm hydraulic butt fusion machine
200mm butt welding machine
200mm pipe jointing fusion machine
200mm HDPE pipe welding machine
Welping WP160C 160mm butt fusion machine
Suitable materials
Power supply
Total power
6.3 KW 
Heating plate
3.55 KW 
Planing tool
2.0 KW 
Hydraulic Unit
Max Temperature of Heating plate
Temp.Deviation in Surface 
Total Weight 
Net weight
Packing Size(for frame,heater & facer)
Packing Size (for Hydraulic unit)
200mm butt fusion machine frame
Basic Frame
· 4 Jaw Clamps to ensure precise alignment
· Italy DNP quick coupler · Chromated hydraulic cylinder made of 1045(ASTM)/S45)(JIS)/C45(DIN) steel
· Chromated integral shaft made of 1045(ASTM)/S45C(JIS)/C45(DIN) steel · Steel plate cutting clamp with sandblasting &spraying treatment · Base made of Q235 steel with spraying treatment
· Standard equipping pressure more stable
· Fully enclosure structure,anti-dust,and anti-sand
· Electricity leakage protection switch
· 220V asynchronous motor

hydraulic 200mm butt fusion machine
planning tool for butt fusion machine
Planning tool
· HSS blade with double edge
· Casting aluminum trimmer plate, durable and anti-corrosion
· Casting aluminum frame of motor with good heat dissipation performance
· Motor with pure copper wiring
Heating Plate
· Bakelite handle with high insulating property and thermal insulation · Thermocouple temperature sensor · Heating element · Teflon Coating imported from Daikin in Japan · Aviation plug
heating plate of butt fusion machine
reducers of butt fusion machine
60-180-200-225-250-280-315-355mm reducers
Welping E-Catalog of Butt Fusion Machine
Breakdown Part List of Hydraulic Butt Fusion Machine
Operational Manual of Hydraulic Butt Fusion Machine
Warranty Certificate of Butt Fusion Machine
Welping Factory for Butt Fusion Machine
WELPING develops, manufactures, and sells devices and systems for welding thermoplastics and, in this area, focuses consciously on pipeline systems as the main field of application. And We have been in this field for more than 17 years since 2005.

We aim to bring industrial level design, performance and quality together, to provide professional solutions for a variety of mining & industrial, marine, municipal, irrigation, energy and landfill to help you build reputation.

WELPING is committed to becoming a business for all thermoplastic pipe, which includes the fusion equipment and certified technical training to assist with the installation and fabrication of any plastic pipes related project. WELPING has continually broadened the scope of supply and usage for polyethylene pipe, valve, and fitting system design into new market segments. Also, We help our customers source pipe tools to support their projects. Our success is in the quality of our products and the knowledge and service of our people.

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